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Terminally ill woman sues California for right to die

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Christy O’Donnell, 46, has stage-four lung cancer that has spread to her brain, liver, rib, and spine. O’Donnell, a non-smoker, is at risk of her lungs suddenly filling with fluid, a complication which would essentially cause her to drown to death. She has a morphine intolerance, which makes managing her pain difficult. And she worries about her daughter. “I don’t want my daughter to come home and find me dead,” she reportedly said. O’Donnell wants to control her inevitable fate and die on her own terms — something that’s currently illegal in the Golden State. In fact, the California State Senate is considering an End of Life Option Act, but even if the proposed legislation is passed, it won’t happen until September, which will likely be too late for O’Donnell. So, O’Donnell is suing the state for the right to obtain a prescription for a life-ending drug that she’ll be able to take at the time of her choosing. Her story echoes that of Brittany Maynard, who died last November on her own terms after moving from California to Oregon, one of five U.S. states that allows terminal patients to obtain life-ending drugs. Maynard became the face of the right-to-do movement.

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