Mother shares moving message about race with photos of her daughters

Photo by Anna Christine Larson/Facebook

Every mother loves snapping photos of her kids, but there’s something particularly moving about Anna Christine Larson’s pictures. As a photographer, she naturally took pictures of her biological 3-year-old daughter Haven and her adopted 5-year-old daughter Semenesh. But last December, one picture she took of her two daughters facing each other in bed particularly moved her. She captured their closeness, and despite their different backgrounds, they looked almost like they could be twins. Last week, she combed through her pictures and produced a stunning series called Barely Different, which features approximately 50 photos of the two girls playing and laughing together. Their relationship is evidence that love transcends physical differences. “When we grow beside one another, our similarities bloom—it’s not skin that makes us different or that causes separation, it’s lack of unity,” Larson said. “We’re all individuals, but at root we’re all human.”

Read the full story at Yahoo! Parenting.

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