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David Letterman’s former mistress has been shut out of Late Show history

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

On Wednesday night, David Letterman said goodbye to viewers around the globe, ending his storied 33-year run as the host of the Late Show. In the lead up to Letterman’s retirement, a slew of notable guests appeared on the show to pay tribute to the comedian. But one person was noticeably absent from these reunions: Stephanie Burkitt, a former staple of the Late Show who was publically revealed to be Letterman’s mistress. As Amy Argetsinger of The Washington Post points out, Burkitt has been effectively erased from Late Show history. Though she made more than 300 appearances alongside Letterman, none of her clips are available on CBS’ YouTube catalogue of Late Show videos. The affair between Letterman and Burkitt was uncovered in 2009, after her boyfriend tried to extort the talk show host. Burkitt’s fade into obscurity is, Argetsinger writes, “a reminder that sex scandals are always harder on the women, tainting their career achievements if not outright erasing them.”

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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