Flagrant misogyny

Chechen president on women: “Lock them in, do not let them go out”

Luiza Goilabiyeva, 17 (Sergey Ponomarev/The New York Times)

Chechnyan President Ramzan Kadyrov pulled no punches in responding to a major social media backlash against the forced marriage of a 17-year-old bride to a reportedly 47-year-old police chief, which he had given his blessing to. Women in Chechnya and Russia had taken to WhatsApp to blast what Kadyrov had billed as “The Wedding of the Millennium” — the police chief who married the teenage girl is a friend of his and reportedly already married — saying Kadyrov is endorsing polygamy and that the significant age difference between the bride and groom is inappropriate. Kadyrov’s brusk advice to Chechen men on how they should treat their women: “Lock them in, do not let them go out and they will not post anything.” Meanwhile, he reportedly posted video of himself dancing at the wedding on Instagram. But his message for the opposite sex in Chechnya, the message is clear: keep “women far away from WhatsApp!”

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