Caught on camera

Video of woman’s protest against man’s unwanted advance goes viral

A wink and obscene gestures launched a dramatic protest by 23-year-old Sakshi Pandey of India. The young woman was reportedly traveling with her sister in the town of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, when a member of a local politician’s security detail riding in a Mercedes Benz allegedly insulted her by winking and making a suggestive gesture at her. Pandey took a photo of the man, climbed on top of the vehicle and smashed the windshield in protest of his treatment as members of the community looked on. Video of the protest has gone viral. Neither party has issued a complaint, according to Rajesh Kumar Singh, the superintendent of Agra’s police force. “Once a complaint is received, police will conduct an investigation and take action,” Singh reportedly said. Pandey has been celebrated by locals as a hero after her dramatic public protest.

Read the full story at The Independent.

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