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Paper names the 40 most interesting women in politics

California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Getty Images

Some of the names on The Washington Post’s list of the 40 most interesting women in politics — Valerie Jarrett, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, to name a few — are well established and, therefore, not surprising to see on a tally such as this. But there are some people you likely haven’t heard of yet who have some interesting stories. Take Maria Rodriguez Gregg for example. She’s a Republican in the New Jersey State Assembly who moonlights as a roller derby player. She’s been playing the rough and tumble sport, The Washington Post notes, for about six years; she picked it up while her mother was dying of cancer and her husband was overseas with the military. Rodriguez Gregg’s nickname on the rink is HoneyBee and she plays for Dishonor Roll. She’s seen as a rising political star in the Garden State.

See the complete list at The Washington Post.

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