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Florida college sued over alleged forced vaginal probes

Two students are suing Valencia College in Florida over allegations that they were forced to receive transvaginal exams. The students filed a federal lawsuit last week against the school and in it they claim the vaginal exams were as part of their studies in the Medical Diagnostic Sonography program. The suit alleges that the school considers the vaginal exams to be voluntary, but in practice students were coerced into receiving the exams over fears that their grades would suffer or they’d have difficulty finding a job after graduation. The suit goes on to allege that women were subjected to the probing of their sex organs with little to no privacy and, at times, sexually inappropriate behavior ensued. A lawyer for the students says their First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated. The school has reportedly declined to comment on the allegations and in a statement to CNN said the sonography program “has upheld the highest standards” and that it’s under constant review by school administration.

Read the full story at CNN.

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