Woman, 28, on trial in Iran over cartoon she drew

Photo via Facebook

An artist in Iran was jailed over a cartoon she drew that criticized parliament members for outlawing permanent contraception and vasectomies. Amnesty International is calling for the release of Atena Farghadani and supporters on social media have been using the hashtag #freeAtena to raise awareness about her plight. Farghadani originally had been sentenced to a five-month prison term over the cartoon she drew and, when she was released in December, she spoke out about how guards there had mistreated her. She was subsequently rearrested, put back in prison and ended up in solitary confinement, where she went on a hunger strike. During the hunger strike she suffered a heart attack, her lawyer reportedly said. She’s since been moved to another prison and has ended the hunger strike, but is awaiting trial on charges that she she insulted members of parliament with her cartoon and spread propaganda about the justice system. Human rights groups are worried that her health is failing and are calling for her release.

Read the full story at Public Radio International.

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