Singing contestant on Turkish talent show, 19, shot in head

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A 19-year-old contestant on a popular TV show in Turkey is in critical condition after being shot in the head, according to reports. Mutly Kaya, a fan favorite on the show Sesi Cok Guze, was reportedly attacked inside her home in southeastern Turkey early on Monday. Kaya was being mentored on the show by Sibel Can, a popular Turkish folk singer. Kaya, who hails from the conservative Kurdish-dominated Diyarbakir region, reportedly had received death threats in the mail after first appearing on the show. Police were investigating whether a spurned love-interest jealous over the teen’s success on the show may have carried out the brutal attack, sources told NBC News. Later, The Associated Press reported that Kaya’s former boyfriend, reportedly identified by authorities as Veysel E., was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Despite being from an area that’s seen something of a feminist movement in recent years, women there are still largely expected to assume traditional societal roles, the BBC reported. The Associated Press noted that the shooting was the latest in a string of high-profile attacks on women in Turkey. On Instagram, Can, Kaya’s mentor, posted a photo of the young singer with a note that read, “My beautiful Mutlu how could they do this to you…. Her condition is critical. I wish her good health.”

Read the full story at NBC News and The Associated Press.

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