Maquillage mayhem

Human urine and rat feces could be in your fake make-up

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Don’t want to apply rat feces to your face? Then think twice before you buy cheap makeup online. The City of London Police is urging people to “Wake up – don’t fake up!” in a shake-up campaign to get consumers to break-up with discount makeup. According to London police, lab tests have indicated that counterfeit cosmetics can contain toxic levels of chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, and lead. They’re also usually concocted in filthy factories that are infested with rats that occasionally poop into future face powder. And think twice before you spritz on cheap perfume—unless you want to possibly smell like cyanide and human urine. Fake beauty products can cause skin irritation, swelling, rashes, burns and long-term health problems. On top of all that, low-cost sunblock cream might contain little to no SPF, and economical hair curlers are more likely to overheat and cause electrocution and fires than pricier options. And the danger doesn’t stop there. “Not only could these products have serious implications to your health and wellbeing but by simply going online and buying from a rogue site or dealer, your personal and financial information is at risk,” said Maria Woodall, detective superintendent with the City of London Police. So the next time you think about buying some mock maquillage, remember that the dropped price might just get you rat droppings.

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