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Women are more picky — not less — after being spurned in love, researchers say

This picture taken on March 19, 2013 shows a woman looking at her smartphone while walking at a BTS train station in Bangkok. A recent Facebook-sponsored study showed smartphone owners are often connected all day. People can be found glued to their smartphones at airports, on trains, in restaurants and even while walking on the street, creating a disconnection from their immediate surroundings. Smartphone sales are expected to continue to surge in 2013 with some 918 million units to be bought worldwide. AFP PHOTO/ Nicolas ASFOURI (Photo credit should read NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images)

Average-looking or unattractive men might fantasize that women will come running if they get rejected by a great-looking guy–but a new study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests the opposite. (Yes, this is what psychologists are studying.) Researchers at the University of Toronto had 126 single, straight female undergraduates create “dating profiles,” which then would be apparently viewed by an attractive or unattractive man; the women then received, randomly, either an acceptance or a rejection by the man. The women who were rejected were actually less likely to accept a subsequent invitation from an unattractive man. The authors of the study hypothesize that accepting a “low-status” man makes the woman, already feeling vulnerable, feel even worse about herself and her own status.

Read the full story at Pacific Standard.

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