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70% of women on earth are wearing the wrong bra size, lingerie company says

Daniel Borris/The New York Times

A spokesperson for a lingerie brand in Pakistan said that seven out of 10 women around the globe wear the wrong bra size, and are not comfortable buying their own lingerie. Maliha Bhimjee attributes the widespread sizing problem to the fact that wearers don’t often purchase the bras — usually a mother, sister or even a man ends up buying lingerie for a woman, resulting in many women wearing sizes that are often too large or small for them. A bra that is too small constrains the breasts and can create lumps that lead to breast cancer, Bhimjee claims. Education plays a huge role in getting people to know their proper size. “In the West, wearability is a strong consideration when it comes to inner garments, but in the East, this is still a relatively new concept,” she said. She said that with time, the situation can improve, but there is still a lot more to be done, mainly with girls simply being measured for the right size. And in case you want to buy a bra, her company has a wide array for sale, naturally.

Read the full story on Express Tribune.

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