2 Christian women injured by acid attack in Pakistan

Damir Sagolj/REUTERS

A 27-year-old woman and a 15-year-old girl were rushed to a hospital for emergency medical treatment in Quetta, Pakistan, after a man threw acid on their faces, severely injuring them. The two women, identified as Rimsha Masih and Hina, suffered severe burns after the accused sprayed acid on their faces through a syringe, police said. Capital City Police Officer Razzaq Cheema said that the families pointed the finger at Vijay Masih, a local resident who was taken into custody. In Pakistan, acid has increasingly been used as a weapon of ‘revenge’ in domestic violence cases. Severe psychological trauma and social stigma that comes with the disfigurement are other exacerbating factors that cripple female victims.

Read the full story on Dawn News.

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