Tough battle

“Bravest” teen had eggs frozen ahead of chemotherapy

An Arizona teenager was faced with a wrenching dilemma before receiving chemotherapy last year: whether or not to freeze her eggs. Chemotherapy can wreak havoc on a woman’s fertility, and the decision was complicated by the exorbitant cost of the procedure. In the case of McKindree Patton, 17, the $20,000 price tag appeared to be prohibitive — until Angel Mama’s, a nonprofit group, stepped up and helped Patton’s parents pay her medical bills. Patton is now undergoing treatment for the rare form of bone marrow cancer that first emerged when she was 12. Her mom, Aimee Patton, told PEOPLE, “Even though it’s hard to know what will happen in McKindree’s future, we wanted to make sure that she has the chance to have a family one day. But it took me a while to feel okay with this decision.”  

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