Nature's promise

Missing woman subsisted by drinking her own breast milk

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A woman running a 12.5-mile race through the New Zealand bush over the weekend somehow managed to veer off the course and get lost. Susan O’Brien, 29, had an energy bar and a small amount of water on her. As night set in, she dug a whole and covered herself  with dirt to stay warm. After she depleted her water, she realized she still had something to quench her thirst. “I’m breastfeeding my [8-month-old daughter] so I had a bit of my milk. I thought that should help me keep going, for energy,” she reportedly said after the ordeal. Indeed it did. About 24 hours after she went missing, a rescue helicopter spotted her. Searchers picked her up and returned O’Brien to her worried family. A lactation expert who weighed in said O’Brien’s decision to drink her own breast milk was a wise one. “It is a perfect food,” the expert noted. “It’s got everything in it. If you’ve got access to breast milk, you’ve got access to life.” Words to live by.

Read the full story at Newser.

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