Up in the air

Woman unexpectedly gives birth in middle of international flight


When you’re unexpectedly expecting, expect the unexpected. That’s the unusual lesson 23-year-old Canadian Ada Guan learned while soaring over the Pacific Ocean on a flight from Calgary to Tokyo on Sunday. She suddenly slipped into labor. Guan had “no idea” she was 37 weeks pregnant until she was about to give birth. Months earlier, Guan had been putting on pounds and experiencing abdominal discomfort, but a pregnancy test returned a negative result and a doctor agreed with it. Fortunately on the flight, there were three doctors aboard. With medical assistance and some excited crewmembers, Guan’s baby girl, Chloe, entered the world. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, I think we have a kid,’” said Wesley Branch, Guan’s thunderstruck boyfriend. OMG, indeed—the two will have a wild story to tell Chloe someday and some unique first photos. Happily, the new family landed safely at Narita Airport.

Read the full story at Global News.

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