"Tantamount to torture"

Suspect arrested in rape of pregnant 10-year-old girl

Pro-life demonstrators protest against abortions and gay marriages near the CONMEBOL Convention Center in Luque, Paraguay. REUTERS/Jorge Adorno

A man in Paraguay was arrested over the weekend, officials said, for allegedly raping and impregnating his stepdaughter. The case has drawn international attention because authorities are now blocking an exception to the law there that would allow the girl to get an abortion. Paraguay, a deeply Catholic nation (the Church still holds that abortion is a sin), is largely divided over the case. Benito Gilberto Zarate, the 42-year-old stepfather of the girl had initially fled after being accused of the heinous crime, and is denying any wrongdoing. The girl’s mother has also been arrested on charges that she breached her duty of care. Health officials have vowed that the girl’s pregnancy will go on because her health is not in danger, the only exception under Paraguay’s harsh law that would allow for an abortion. Amnesty International has said that forcing the girl to go through with the unwanted pregnancy is “tantamount to torture.”

Read the full story at CNN.

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