Life or death

Nun made famous by “Dead Man Walking” testifies on Boston bomber’s behalf

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Sister Helen Prejean testified at Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sentencing hearing on Monday saying she’s met with the 21-year-old Boston Marathon bomber and “absolutely” believes he is remorseful for the crimes he’s committed. Prejean, a Catholic nun who was depicted on the big screen by Susan Sarandon in the 1995 film Dead Man Walking, was the last of 12 witnesses called by Tsarnaev’s defense team in its attempt to convince jurors to punish him with a life sentence instead of the death penalty. “He said it emphatically. He said ‘No one deserves to suffer like they did.’ I had every reason to believe that he was taking it in and was genuinely sorry for what he did,” Prejean told jurors from the witness stand. “I’m not sure he’d ever met a nun before, but he was very open and receptive,” she testified, adding, “It was pleasant.” Prejean reportedly smiled at Tsarnaev several times while giving her testimony, during which she said she heard “pain” in his voice when he lamented his role in the bombings. She’d met with Tsarnaev several times since March reportedly at the request of defense attorneys. Prejean was allowed to testify after the judge heard a lengthy debate from prosecuting and defense attorneys. Following her testimony, the defense rested its case and Prejean was mobbed by reporters as she made her way out of the courthouse.

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