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Hillary Clinton stands up for detained transgender immigrants

Isaac Brekken/The New York Times

Hillary Clinton is making the rights of transgender immigrants who are detained by authorities a campaign issue. During a stop in Nevada, Clinton said, “I think we have to do more to provide safe environments for vulnerable populations,” in response to a question about transgender immigrants being held in men’s detention centers, which is reportedly leaving them vulnerable to assault. She noted she would be in favor of changing some of the detention processes, and, when asked another question regarding transgender asylum seekers, she replied, “I don’t think we should, you know, put children and vulnerable people into big detention facilities because I think they are at risk. I think their physical and mental health are at risk.” An investigation by Fusion found that about 75 transgender prisoners are detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) every night, and then placed in an often hostile environment. While they make up a small portion of the reportedly 34,000 immigrants detained each day, the same investigation found they make up one-third of confirmed instances of sexual assault in immigration detention facilities. Advocates were encouraged by Clinton’s remarks, but remain skeptical because the Obama administration has already offered verbal support for a change of these policies — to no avail — saying, “Words are no longer enough.”

Read the full story at Fusion.

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