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Swift action

Cuomo orders emergency measures to protect New York nail salon workers

By WITW Staff on May 11, 2015

In response to a series of investigative stories in the New York Times that exposed the dark underside of New York’s nail salon industry, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a series of emergency measures to protect nail salon workers from the wage theft and health hazards they face. He issued a statement saying that effective immediately “a new, multi-agency task force will conduct salon-by-salon investigations, institute new rules that salons must follow to protect manicurists from the potentially dangerous chemicals found in nail products, and begin a six-language education campaign to inform them of their rights.” The salons that do not comply with orders to pay workers back wages, or are unlicensed, will be shut down, and the emergency measures will become permanent in the coming months, the governor’s office said.

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