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Woman, 20, becomes youngest lawmaker in the U.K. since 17th century

Mhairi Black, a 20-year old member of the Scottish Nationalist Party made history in Thursday’s historic election by becoming the U.K.’s youngest lawmaker since 1667. Black grew up in Paisley, a working class town in west Scotland and is a final-year student of politics and public policy at the University of Glasgow where she still has to finish up her dissertation (due at the end of this month) before taking her seat in Britain’s House of Commons. She’s been passionate about politics since she was a little kid and was a vocal supporter of Scotland’s independence during last year’s referendum. Her election is even more remarkable given that she was fighting for the seat of Douglas Alexander, a political heavy-weight from the Labour party. Alexander is a former Cabinet Minister and Labour campaign chief, who had represented the district since 1997. Black earned 23,548 votes,  crushing the political veteran, who ended the election with a mere 17,864 votes.

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