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Viral campaign criticizes Chile’s abortion laws

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A satirical viral video campaign called “Abortion Tutorials” is sweeping Chile, hoping to push the Chilean government to reform its Draconian abortion law, currently the strictest in the world. The videos, conceived by a reproductive rights organization called “Miles Organization,” show three “tutorials.” One woman demonstrates how to trip over a fire hydrant, another one how to fall down a flight of stairs, and a third woman shows how to properly throw oneself in front of traffic. The dramatic conclusion: these are the only ways to “legally” terminate a pregnancy. “In Chile an accidental abortion is the only kind of abortion that is not considered a crime,” the video displays in bold type. Chile and six other countries in the world ban women from getting in abortions under any circumstances, and those who do so, face up to  five years in prison. According to Human Rights Watch, however, 35 percent of pregnancies in the country end in abortion — an estimated 160,000 procedures. Only 33,000 of those are done in hospitals, and it is estimated that about half of those women try to terminate their pregnancy themselves. Because of the harsh law, ways of doing “accidental-on-purpose” abortions have become common knowledge in the country, and the campaign is a reaction to that reality. After just two weeks, the videos have already racked up more than 1.5 million views.

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