Cleveland Cavaliers criticized over “brainless” halftime video

Let’s face it — the bar for videos shown on jumbotrons during halftime of sporting events is not high. Given that, the Cleveland Cavs’ latest entry in the genre, debuted this week, stands out because it did not remotely even approach that very low, very attainable bar. Many took issue with the fact that — dopey video that it was — it depicted an act of domestic violence. A guy, who apparently lives with his girlfriend, suddenly learns she’s a Bulls fan, and chucks her across the living room. (We told you it was dopey). Critics astutely pointed out that it was “brainless” and “absolute garbage” for its wanton approval of violence against a woman. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. The whole thing runs just over a minute, but the uninspired acting, off-key singing, overall bad comic timing, predictable plot, and amateurish lighting all conspire to make screening the clip seem like you’ve wasted hours of your life, not just a mere minute.

Watch the video (and experience the longest 64 seconds of your life) at

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