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Marvel CEO doesn’t think female superhero movies can be profitable

David McNew/Getty Images

An email pulled from the smorgasbord of damning exchanges uncovered by the Sony Hack suggests that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter is not on board with putting female superheroes on the silver screen. In a message titled “female movies” (because any movie with a female lead is obviously the exclusive purview of women), Perlmutter sent Sony CEO Michael Lynton a list of female superhero movies that had not done well at the box office, namely Cat Woman, Supergirl, and Electra. “A very bad idea,” Perlmutter wrote of Electra, “and the end result was very, very bad.” Not mentioned in his list were any of the male-driven superhero films that proved to be complete box office duds (we’re looking at you, Green Lantern).

Read the full story at ONTD.

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