FIFA President urges action on women’s soccer

Arnd Wiegmann/REUTERS/

FIFA President Sepp Blatter is  a man infamous for many things, but with fans of women’s soccer probably most for his 2004 suggestion that female soccer players should “play in tighter shorts” to improve the game’s popularity. The 79-year-old FIFA boss seems to have somewhat come to his senses, saying that the sport is too “macho” and that he wants to employ more women in positions of influence with the organization. “Women’s football is still limping behind a little bit. To get new partners for women’s football is difficult because the focus is on men’s football,” Blatter, who is seeking a fifth term as president of world football’s governing body, told the BBC. He believes change could be possible by increasing the quota of women who must be elected to FIFA’s powerful executive committee, which currently features only one woman. He added that women’s football is not yet played “the way he would like it to be played,” adding that there is a lack of organized leagues in some countries. The interview comes ahead of next month’s Women’s World Cup in Canada, which Blatter has promised to attend regardless of the outcome of his election. With 24 teams and 52 matches, it will be the biggest women’s football tournament in history, and according to Blatter, a great opportunity to showcase the women’s game.

Read the full story at BBC.

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