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Anxiety-riddled Kim Jong Un grooming his little sister for power?


Some experts CNN talked to think Kim Jong Un may be grooming his sister to take on a prominent role in the reclusive nation’s government — if not the top spot someday. The experts said Kim, who is believed to have gone on a recent execution spree, is displaying behavior that suggests he’s worried about a power grab by one of his inferiors. They point to his recent canceled trip to Moscow and the reportedly wanton and arbitrary executions of high-ranking officials as the behavior of a leader who feels vulnerable and threatened. Conveniently, a new propaganda video was released this week, and in it, the dictator’s younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, makes numerous appearances. According to some reports, she’s already wielding considerable power, which is leading to speculation that Kim is “bringing her into the inner sanctum” and possibly setting up a line of succession. If any of that is true — verifying news that emerges from North Korea is virtually impossible — Kim Yo Jong could become the first woman to lead North Korea in the isolated nation’s history.

Watch the video at CNN.

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