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A&E cancels show blasted by sex workers for making their lives worse instead of better

Amid mounting pressure from the sex worker community, A&E has pulled the plug on 8 Minutes, a reality show hosted by pastor Kevin Brown that was “trying to save prostitutes.” The problem is that it was doing anything but helping, according to some of the prostitutes who appeared on it. On the show, which debuted in early April, Brown, a former cop, would pose as a john and set up a meeting with a prostitute. Upon meeting, he would reveal his true identity and within eight minutes would attempt to persuade the prostitute to leave the life completely. A spate of criticism ensued when promises that the show’s producers reportedly made to help prostitutes find jobs and otherwise leave the life behind never came to fruition. At most, it seemed, all pastor Brown would do is pray with a prostitute and then be on his way once the cameras stopped rolling. A&E has not only canceled the show, it’s also shut down the website and taken all of the show’s episodes down from the Internet.

Read the full story at Reason and The Huffington Post.

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