The change in how Hollywood portrays trans people

A number of transgender-themed film and TV projects are slated to begin over the next several months, continuing the change in the way Hollywood portrays trans people. In a cover story featuring trans starlet Laverne Cox, Variety highlights the upcoming films “Tangerine,” and “The Danish Girl,” the television programs “Becoming Us” and Bruce Jenner’s docuseries; as well as the Wachow­ski siblings Netflix offering “Sense8.” The projects offer a new look at trans characters, free from common stereotypes, and pick up on the momentum of programs such as the award-winning series Transparent. But, as a GLAAD survey points out, there is currently only one broadcast TV show regularly featuring a transgender character and zero studio movies in the past year that have prominently featured transgender characters. “There needs to be a systemic shift. I don’t think we’re there yet, but there’s a lot of potential,” Cox told Variety.

Read the full story at Variety.

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