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Replace Jackson on the $20 bill, but with a man instead of a woman, says historian

photo by redjar/CC BY-SA 2.0

The campaign to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty with a woman has gained considerable momentum over the last month. And now an Andrew Jackson historian agrees that it’s time for the former president to get the boot, but instead of replacing Jackson with a woman, Steve Inskeep thinks the honor should go to John Ross — a Native American man. Ross, as Inskeep points out in a New York Times Op-Ed, was a Cherokee of mixed race who originally was a soldier in Jackson’s army, but eventually would turn against Old Hickory and become one of his chief opponents. Ross went on to be an influential, if flawed, figure among the Cherokee nation, bringing redemption to a story that at its worst is a tale of racism and genocide. In fact, Inskeep argues that Jackson shouldn’t be booted entirely from the twenty. “He should remain on the $20 bill, but on the flip side — because there’s a flip side of the story,” Inskeep writes.

Read the full story (and learn the flip side) at The New York Times.

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