At last

“Tallywackers,” a Hooters-like restaurant for women, coming soon


If you’ve ever settled into a seat at Hooters surrounded by scantily-clad ladies and thought, “Why isn’t there a place like this for women?,” your question has finally been answered. In Dallas, a restaurant aptly called Tallywackers (yes, tallywacker is slang for penis) will open this month. It was inspired by Hooters, the “breastaurant” chain that serves chow like chicken wings, cheese sticks, and chili. Patrons will be able to select their own studly servers clad in boxer briefs and and tight tees. “Everyone has a different type,” owner Rodney Duke said. “We want to have eye candy for everyone.” And everyone includes women and men, since Tallywackers will be in a “gayborhood” in Dallas. They’ll also have a children’s menu, because there’s nothing that’ll make you enjoy your “guy candy” and cobb salad more than having your kid next to you in the booth.

Read the full story at USA Today.


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