Summit wrap-up

Sunitha Krishnan: “It is in our silence that we encourage perpetrators to flourish”

The activist and creator of the “Shame the Rapist Campaign” on why it’s important to have an open discussion about sexual assault


Gang-raped at the age of 15, Sunitha Krishnan’s passion for fighting sex crime is deeply personal. “I, for the first time, understood what it is to be shamed and traumatized for a crime you had not committed,” said Krishnan, as she re-counted the experience during an interview with journalist Zain Verjee at the Women in the World Summit in New York City. It’s this understanding that inspired her to create, Prajwala, an anti-trafficking organization based in India and the Shame the Rapist Campaign, where real cellphone footage of women being rape is shared online to help identify criminals and spread awareness of the true horrors of sexual assault.

In the interview above, the activist talks about her 20 years of experience working with victims of sexual violence and shares what’s she’s learned about rape culture along the way.


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