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Harvard Business School is “peeking” to attract more women

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While women have been allowed to enter Harvard Business School for more than 50 years, actually enrolling them in greater numbers has proved a little more difficult. That’s why they now launched the “PEEK” program, which offers juniors, seniors and recent graduates a “peek” into being a student there. Prospective students are invited to stay on campus for a weekend in June, where they get to read and discuss four HBS case studies in a class taught by top HBS faculty members. Plus they get to rub elbows with students and alumnae. About 50 to 70 prospective students will pay $500 for the program. While women now make up about 41 percent of the class of 2016 in Harvard, not a single top business school has been able to reach a 50 percent female graduating class. The fact that the university is charging the prospective students has been met with some criticism, however. “The fact that HBS, a school with the largest endowment of any in the world, would charge women for the privilege of coming to campus rubbed a lot of people the wrong way,” said Byrne, a former executive editor of BusinessWeek. Harvard said they believed this was a fair price, which doesn’t even cover full costs of the weekend, and that financial aid would be available. The program fits within the plan of dean Nitin Nohria, who is seeking to eliminate gender bias at the Harvard Business School and do away with lingering sexism from the past.

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