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2016 swag

Best campaign paraphernalia ever emerges

By WITW Staff on May 1, 2015

Hillary Clinton has been grabbing all of the headlines since she officially jumped into the 2016 White House race last month — but she’s not the only person running, a new grassroots organization is reminding everyone. Of course, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are all in. And Bernie Sanders announced he’s running this week. Jeb Bush is all but running. But there’s someone else who’s been largely overlooked until now: Bill Clinton! He’s served two terms in office, and he can’t run for president, so the group, which bills itself as a “national online grassroots movement of young Americans who support women’s and LGBT equality,” is stumping for Bill to be America’s next first lady. “‘Bill for First Lady’ is a can’t-help-but-smile way to say ‘Hillary for president!'” the group explains on its website. And there is campaign gear galore for sale at the website — buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts and more — much of which is reasonably priced. And Internet users can follow along on “Bill’s Blog” as a caricature of Clinton tours the nation campaigning to be first lady. So far, save for his visit to New York City where the spring weather has been a little cool, Bill has been making campaign stops wearing, appropriately, only a stars and stripes bikini.

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