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Lawyer says transgender woman arrested in Baltimore turmoil being held in men’s jail cell

Police in Baltimore are holding a 30-year-old transgender woman in a man’s jail cell and forcing her to wear a revealing shirt, a lawyer told Mashable. According to the report, Astrid Munn said her client, arrested while protesting, was originally booked by police as a woman. But when authorities learned that paperwork existed showing the woman had been designated a male at birth, they switched her to a men’s holding cell and ordered her to remove her bra, the Munn reportedly said. Police then gave her a partially transparent tank-top shirt to wear, which clearly displayed the outlines of her nipples, Munn went on to say, adding that her client has identified as a woman since the age of 14. In every respect, she’s a woman. She stood in stark contrast to the [men] in the jail,” she reportedly said.

Read the full story at Mashable.

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