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Sisters separated in 1937 reunited 78 years later

By WITW Staff on April 29, 2015

Two sisters who spent almost eight decades apart were miraculously reunited over the weekend. Elizabeth Keller and Shelley Bridge hadn’t seen one another since they were eight and two years old, respectively. In 1937, Milwaukee family services discovered their family, which included eight children, was living in squalor and confiscated the children from the parents. Both Keller and Bridge were sent to separate foster families, never to see each other again until their emotional reunion at a Wisconsin nursing home. Of the eight siblings, only Keller and Bridge are still living. Keller, 86, suffers with dementia, but that didn’t prevent her from appreciating the magnitude of seeing Bridge, now 80, again. Keller’s son summed up the unlikely reunion fittingly, saying, “It just goes to show you family is the most important thing in life when it comes down to it. New or old family. It’s always good to have family.”

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