Free the Five

Chinese women’s rights activist “emotionally broken” after police interrogation

On Monday, the husband of Wu Rongrong, one of China’s world-famous “Feminist Five,” said that his wife was aggressively interrogated by police officers for eight hours on Friday. Wu was thrown into detention for over a month after she and her friends planned to launch a nationwide campaign against sexual harassment on public transportation. Although international uproar and pressure from political leaders led to her release, she allegedly endured harsh interrogation. Her husband said that the police threatened to throw her in a men’s prison to have her gang-raped, and that the officers told her that her detention would hurt her four-year-old son’s future. In the wake of the protracted ordeal, it’s clear the experience is still weighing heavily on Wu. “My spirit is on the verge of collapse,” she shared on the popular social networking app WeChat. Let’s hope her spirit will strengthen again soon.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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