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Angry Baltimore mother seen on video slapping her rioting son, declared ‘Mom of the Year’ on social media

A Baltimore woman reportedly recognized her son on TV participating in the Baltimore riots — and took swift action


Dramatic video has emerged from the chaos that erupted in Baltimore on Monday after a mother reportedly recognized her son throwing rocks at police while she was watching news coverage of the riots on TV. The footage, shot by WMAR, the local ABC affiliate, shows a woman slapping a boy wearing a black ski mask who was identified as her son, and dragging him away from the scene of chaos.

In addition to the public spanking, the boy, who appears to be a teenager, got quite the tongue-lashing from his irate mother. “Are you kidding me?” the fed-up mom can he heard yelling on the video. “You wanna be out here doing this dumb s**t?”

As the boy tried to escape his mom’s slaps, she tells him to “Get the f*** over here! Get over here now!”

The clip has gone viral on Twitter and triggered an outpouring of praise for the unidentified mom, who took quick and decisive action to remove her young son from the escalating violence that has followed the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died while in police custody last week after not receiving proper or timely medical attention.

Here’s a sampling of the praise Twitter users heaped on the mother using the hashtag #goodparenting:

Sometimes tough situations call for a little bit of tough love, and this mom was not shy about dispensing some swift and effective punishment. According to WMAR, even Baltimore police commissioner Anthony Batts hailed the mother for intervening.

Many of the people rioting in Baltimore are being described by authorities as juveniles and the police appealed to parents to help control their children:

Hundreds of gun-carrying National Guardsmen were called in on Tuesday after a night of arson and looting gripped the city and left at least 15 police officers injured. Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has ordered a weeklong curfew that went into effect on Tuesday.


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