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Loretta Lynch sworn in as new attorney general

Doug Mills/The New York Times

Vice President Joe Biden swore Loretta Lynch in as the country’s new attorney general on Monday, marking the first time in American history the post has been held by an African-American woman. Lynch was confirmed by a 56-43 vote in the Senate last Thursday — five months after President Obama nominated her to succeed Eric Holder. At the swearing-in ceremony, Biden hailed the “incredible moment” as a testament to Lynch’s father Lorenzo’s staunch insistence on his daughter being given a chance to receive an education, something that wasn’t a certainty in the Jim Crow South. Lynch’s father, along with much of her family, was on hand for the big moment, and as Biden noted, he will now see “his daughter leading the march toward a more perfect union.” After taking the oath of office, Lynch focused much of her acceptance speech on the impact her father has had on her life and successes. “Without him, I would not be standing here today being sworn in as 83rd attorney general of the United States of America, just one week after his 83rd birthday,” Lynch said. She went on to thank her mother and husband as well. “I am honored beyond words to step into this role,” Lynch said, recalling her childhood dream of wanting to leave the world a better place as a result of having been a part of it, and using the law to achieve that end. “To make real the promise of America,” she added. As he closed his remarks, Biden told Lynch, “You’re the best of the best!” We couldn’t agree more.


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