Laverne Cox says Bruce Jenner is “saving lives” by coming out as trans

Laverne Cox, transgender activist and actress, and one of our Women of Impact, has high praise for Bruce Jenner’s decision to publicly come out as transgender. The reality TV star and former Olympic gold medalist gave a highly publicized (and scrutinized) interview to ABC’s Diane Sawyer on Friday night. Cox said she believes Jenner’s transition will help to further society’s understanding of trans issues. “What Bruce really wants to come out of this is that people’s lives will be saved and that people will be helped by this,” she told MSNBC. She also praised ABC, saying: “I thought ABC handled it really beautifully. I had spoken to Bruce several months back and the same person I had spoken to on the phone, who really just loves their children so much and wants their family to be happy, was the person I saw on television last night.” During the conversation, Jenner revealed that he has been dealing with gender dysphoria since childhood and experimenting with cross-dressing for years, but identifies as asexual and has never been attracted to men. For now, he prefers to be referred to as ‘Bruce’ and by male pronouns, he said, until he indicates otherwise.

Read the full story at The Independent.

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