Survivors' accounts

2 of Ariel Castro’s victims publicly tell their nightmare stories

Peter Larson/The New York Times

Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, both of whom spent a decade held in captivity by Ariel Castro, have written a memoir that describes the horrific ordeal. Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland, released on Monday, was written with the help of two Washington Post reporters and goes into detail on how Castro, who committed suicide while in police custody, lured and abducted the women and his barbaric treatment that ensued over the years as he hid them in his basement. Berry tells how she once asked Castro for something to help “pass the time.” In response, he gave her a small diary, the type with a lock and key. Berry would use it to track the number of times Castro would rape her each day, all the while hoping that maybe some day law enforcement officials would read it. Well, miraculously, one day they did, and what they reportedly saw inside the diary was truly disturbing. According to USA Today, some days’ entries have “4X” and “5X” written on them. Michelle Knight, the third woman held captive by Castro, did not participate in the book, but she’s spoken out numerous times about the Castro house of horrors since being freed two years ago.

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