Women urge Hollywood to #MakeItFair for men in satirical video

Screen Shot/YouTube

In a very tongue-in-cheek video, a group of women — including Mamie Gummer and Rita Wilson — is taking Hollywood to task, urging them to “Make It Fair” for men. They’re fed up with gender disparity in moviemaking. Of all the films released by major studios last year, only 93 percent were directed by men and a paltry 80 percent were written by men, they point out. “We won’t relent till it’s 100 percent. It’s only fair that men should have it all,” the group sings in the satirical video, quoting statistics on gender equality in Hollywood films, based on research by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. The #makeitfair campaign is pushing for gender equality in the stories we tell, and moving forward “the women involved will continue to raise awareness, ask tough questions, celebrate female talent, connect female artists to opportunities, laugh, create, and broaden the scope of the stories being told.”

Watch the video here.

Find out more at The Make It Fair Project.

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