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Mexican girl, 14, reunited with family after being forcefully removed

A 14-year old Mexican girl, Alondra Luna Nunez, who was forcefully removed from her family by authorities and sent to the U.S., returned home on Wednesday. A DNA test has proven that Alondra is not the daughter of Dorotea Garcia, a Houston woman who claimed the girl was her daughter and that she’d been illegally taken to Mexico by her father years ago. In a court case, Alondra’s family insisted authorities were mistaken and tried to show through various documents and photographs that Alondra was their daughter, but their pleas were ignored. Last week, a video of Alondra crying and screaming while being forcefully removed by the officials circulated heavily on social media, drawing international attention to the case. Eventually, the Foreign Ministry intervened to request a DNA test because of the uproar the video was causing. Alondra told the Associated Press that she was terrified at first, having never been so far from her parents before, but was confident that the truth would ultimately come out and she would return. When she arrived back at home on Wednesday in Central Mexico, her family celebrated with a barbecue and a homemade sign that read “Welcome to your real home, Alondra.”

Read the full story at Associated Press.

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