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Letterman reportedly shocks studio audience with sexist joke

According to a report in the New York Post, late-night funnyman David Letterman left his audience in stunned silence this week after unloading what some in the crowd described as a joke that was “disrespectful to women.” The ill-advised quip wasn’t caught by TV cameras because it happened during the pre-show warm-up when Letterman typical takes a few questions from the audience, witnesses said. The first question was posed by a college-age member of the audience who asked what advice the late-night icon would give to this year’s graduating class. Letterman’s response, according to the Post’s sources: “Treat a lady like a whore, and whore like a lady.” Crickets ensued. Letterman, of course, in 2009 was forced to admit to a series of affairs amid a tawdry blackmail scandal. Several people in the audience said they were outraged by the remark. “I turned to my wife and was like, ‘What?’ It was really the first joke of the evening, and it seemed like an odd choice,” one source who was in the audience reportedly said. A spokesperson for show declined to confirm the claims, but a source from inside the show reportedly said the audience laughed heartily at the errant joke.

Read the full story at Page Six.

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