Sheer courage

Vision-impaired women in Nepal take self-defense classes

In a brave move to prevent being sexually groped in the crowded streets of Kathmandu, groups of visually impaired women have begun taking self-defense classes. Offered by a local company that usually trains security personnel, the short, but intense two-week class helps address issues including accessing body language of passersby to utilizing regular everyday objects as weapons. Some of the women taking the class are partially blind and other have no sight whatsoever. While there are no official statistics on how often or how many visually impaired victims are targeted, the two groups of women who have successfully completed this training point out that they are regularly groped on the streets. But now, they can fight back against unwanted physical contact. As 30-year-old Sarita Lamichane puts it, “If somebody tries to misbehave with me, he is going to have a very bad time.”

Read the full story at The Associated Press.

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