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Mom loses appeal in bizarre DIY insemination case

Eugene Luchinin/(CC BY 2.0)

In a strange case, to say the least, a Virginia court has ruled that a woman who impregnated herself by using a turkey baster to inseminate sperm donated by a friend must share custody of the child with the father. Joyce Bruce and Robert Boardwine came to the unusual sperm donation agreement, but Bruce was unable to get pregnant after several tries. Eventually, the DIY technique worked and Bruce gave birth, but assumed that she would be the sole parent. Boardwine assumed he would share parenting duties with Bruce, but since the two never put their supposed agreement in writing, the parenthood saga went to the courts, where Bruce argued that she used “noncoital reproductive technology” to conceive the baby and, therefore, should have sole parenting rights. Ultimately, a circuit court sided with Boardwine, ruling that he should be granted joint custody. Bruce still fought the decision, but the appeals court upheld the ruling of the circuit court.

Read the full story at CNN.

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