Oh, Canada

60 years too late, Canadian town changing its “Land of Rape and Honey” slogan


“It’s short for rapeseed!” is something that the folks of Tisdale, Saskatchewan probably have to say on a daily basis. For the past 60 years, the Canadian town has been known as the “Land of Rape and Honey” because one of its main exports is canola oil, which is extracted from rapeseed. But Tisdaleians (?) are getting tired of having to explain that their town is not a creepy hub of sticky sexual assault. “We’re at that point where we need to change it,” says Al Jellicoe, the town’s mayor. “Once you explain, it eases things up a bit. But when you’re trying to deal internationally or nationally — I don’t want to do that every time we entice a business to the area.” Seriously though, how did anyone ever think that slogan was a good idea?

Read the full story at CTV News.

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