Study finds

Women’s health more vulnerable to divorce

Joshua Bright/The New York Times

Many psychologists believe women are better than men at coping with break-ups and divorce; women tend to maintain stronger social networks, and have other friends and confidants to fall back on if they lose their partner. (Men are more likely to drown their sorrows in alcohol.) But a new study from Duke University sociologists suggests that men might actually recover more quickly from divorce–at least if their heart health is any indication. The team from Duke analyzed data on the health and marital status of over 15,000 Americans, and found that the risk of heart attack was significantly higher among divorced women than those who were married–and their risk remained elevated even if they got remarried. Among men, cardiovascular risk also increased after divorce, but reverted to normal levels if they remarried. “Remarriage after divorce may not confer the same health benefits for women as for men,” the authors write.

Read the full story at Pacific Standard.

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