Who are the 2015 women of impact?

50 women who have made the biggest difference in the world over the last year


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  1. Yes Meryl Streep is an inspiration,still married to her husband for almost 40 years,raised 4 wonderful children,does charities and humanitarian acts.

  2. I think it’s ridiculous how Meryl Streep is 47th and Jennifer Lawrence is 24th… Meryl has shown so much passion and dedication towards feminism yet she still is 3rd to last? She wrote 535 letters to the US Congress about women’s rights and equality. I mean if that doesn’t show she has a major impact, I don’t know what will.

  3. Lets just call this a ”A Westerner’s List of 50 Women of Impact in the Narrow world of Western Movies, Economics and Media-led Causes”

  4. It would be nice to see NY Times at least try to acknowledge doctors as decent human beings who try to do some good for the society. I’ve stopped counting the number of times they’ve accused doctors of being greedy and incompetent, but it still saddens me that they really think so little of anyone with a M.D. Elizabeth Holmes is a brilliant entrepreneur and certainly deserves to be on the list. How about Dr. Joanne Liu who leads MSF into Disaster Relief at crisis like Ebola in W Africa last year. I think her contributions to the society are at least a tad more important than say Jennifer Lawrence’ as a brilliant actress playing a fictional character.

  5. I would add Jane Goodall, who is a phenomenal woman, known not only for her work with chimpanzees but also for her amazing resilience, rapport and success in sharing and spreading her work.

  6. Clearly a case of confusing popularity with “making a difference in the world”, something one might expect of People magazine but not the NYT.

    1. Of course my mother! Raising 8 kids and educated them who believes education is very important!
      Who cares Clinton..what she has done! Nothing obviously 🙁

  7. I think this is a very nicely done list. We, as Pakistanis are proud of Malala Yousufzai. May God help us get rid of the Taliban who have hijacked our country and our religion.

  8. I would add Tao Porchon Lynch ! She marched with Ghandi and Martin Luther King. She rescued Jewish people from the Nazis, she was a haute couture model, she teaches yogi at age 96 and still dances with joy in her heart. Her Ted Talk is amazing and she just published, Dancing Light ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSdrUDudrwE

  9. World slowly slipping from the hands of men into the mind of women. We expect peace and justice and creativity to prevail.

  10. Surely you jest? You list Susan Rice as a “close confidante” of the president, and Valerie Jarrett as “the most powerful woman in the White House”. LOL! Yet somehow in including these women largely for their access to the president, you manage to entirely omit, and deliberately(?) overlook the actual force behind the president of the United States, his wife and First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

    Without Michelle Obama on it, this list is entirely rubbish. Sorry. And you can’t pick and choose to boost one First Lady, and to snub another. If you’re all about celebrating women, do celebrate all women. Not just particular ones who massage and shape their fake public personas to your satisfaction, and others who play along with your inside the beltway mind games.

    There’s good reason the faux feminist movement as designed and controlled by the same usual suspects, fail to capture the interest and support, or nurture the feelings of sisterhood from plenty of us women.

    American feminism in 2014 cannot entirely be about manipulating women into rallying behind Hillary Clinton for president. Just as it can’t be about spitefully excluding Michelle Obama because she eschews the mind games and refuses to indulge or play along with certain self-important, self-appointed “hero-makers” and deciders of all things “feminist”.

  11. E.L. James? You’ve got to be kidding me?! What ‘difference’ did she make to the world, pray tell, besides (badly) write a bunch of cringe worthy books?

  12. Great post and incredibly inspiring. I was a little dissappointed though – you didn’t mention everything Meryl has done for the Women National History Museum and her latest Writer’s Lab founded to encourage women writers over 40.

  13. There should be a disclaimer that the list is not in chronological order. People like Angela Merkel, Janet Yellen and Christine Lagarde are somewhere in the middle of this list, along with sundry non-entities.

  14. They may be “women of Impact” from the perspective of American criminal imperial institutions..as for the rest of us we know this is human garbage, Hilary Clinton, Susan rice…their hands are red with blood of innocent humanity, propagators of wars…evil I say

  15. Adding Marion LePen who is against equality and against important right for women side by side with amazing people like Mo’ne Davis or Amal Clooney is a shame.She is as conservative as her grandfather and if she “freshened” her party by her youth, it doesn’t make it less racist, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynistic.Such a shame, Anglo-saxon journalists need to really make more research and stop praising conservative people like Marion and Marine LePen. their gender/sex don’t make them less awful than their grandfather.

  16. I think Angelina jolie should have been number one she’s a great actress outstanding director and the work she does as a humananatarian is outstanding between doing her acting /directing and her humanitarian work she’s a fantastic wife and mother to 6 children plus dealing wth her personal health issues l think she’s just amazing 😘😘

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