Clueless man cat-calls women … during anti-catcalling news report

When Buzz60’s Patrick Jones took to the streets of New York to shoot a YouTube video gathering reactions on a new anti-street harassment campaign, he accidentally ran into a living argument for why such a campaign is necessary. One man volunteered to share with the entire Internet why he thinks catcalling is a great idea, even demonstrating it with a whistle (the same way he would whistle at a dog, as Jones pointed out to the clueless dude, who didn’t see a problem with the behavior) and a couple of cringeworthy pick-up lines. In the middle of the interview, however, when the man realized that Jones is reporting on cat-calling as a negative issue, he is quick to defend himself: “We’re just acknowledging that [a woman] did a good thing today getting up out of bed.” If anyone still needed to see for themselves why catcalling a woman is completely obnoxious, you can watch the video here.

Read the full story at Huffington Post.

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