Conflict of interests

Woman writes of reconciling feminism with her need to earn a living

Brian Blanco/The New York Times

In a New York Times op-ed provocatively titled, “Can You Be a Waitress and a Feminist?” Brittany Bronson, a cocktail waitress and part-time English professor at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, explores her struggle to reconcile her feminist beliefs with her decision to support herself with a service job–knowing, as she does, that the restaurant industry is “the single largest source of sexual harassment claims filed by women in the United States.” “This week I will be sexually harassed on the job,” she writes. “I will count my tips at the end of my shift and decide that it is worth it.” Over the course of years as a waitress, she’s endured everything from awkward come-ons to full-on stalking. Bronson has previously written for the Times about the awkwardness of running into her students at the restaurant where she works.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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